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Home Theater

AVDI, Theater Room

Close your eyes and envision a home theater. What comes to mind? Is it a heavily upholstered room with a huge video screen, huge speakers, recliners and a popcorn machine? That's where we come in. Expert guidance and professional installation are essential ingredients for an awesome home theater.

We create home theater solutions that surpass commercial movie theatre quality. Whether you are looking for a full blown dedicated home theater with the red curtain, theater seating, marquee & popcorn machine, or just want your family room in the center of the action. AVDI does it all!

A Traditional home theater is set up in an area such as your family room, where there is an existing space along with furniture. From plasma screens to invisible in wall speakers to your customized universal remote, we create a system that will provide you with the perfectly tuned home theater.

A Dedicated home theater features custom designed seating, lighting sound, and television. We understand this is a big investment in time and money, so we work with you to create a movie theater feel right in your own home.

Universal Remotes

IMG 0564

How can you enjoy an entertainment system when there are five different remotes on your coffee table? That's insanity. Our one-touch remote controls combine all those separate remotes into one that's super-easy to use.

A Universal remote is not just a luxury these days, but a necessity. With all of the components needed for a home theater, a universal remote helps simplify things, so that the whole family can operate it without any confusion.

Choose the activity you want to do, not the component you want to turn on! With the simple press of a button, these remotes complete a task that would usually need multiple remotes and button pushes to complete. They can even set the mood with custom lighting capabilities. Not only can you hide all of your remotes, but you can hide your equipment as well! With the optional radio frequency extender there is no more pointing at your equipment, it can even be hidden in another room.

Multi-Room A/V

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The days when you had to be rich and famous to afford the pleasure of multi-room audio are over. We have affordable solutions that were simply unavailable a few short years ago. There's so much to choose from: wired systems or wireless; computer-based or server based content; highly controllable or just basic control.

If you haven’t investigated In-Home Installation recently, you’ll be amazed at what is possible! Based on a system called zoning, you can enjoy distributed music and video throughout your home, which can be controlled from any room you choose. Just imagine music or video in your kitchen, study, office, bedroom, patio, deck, exercise room… anywhere you like to spend time! Whether you want to listen to a CD, to the radio, or your i-pod, control is at your fingertips with a state-of-the-art multi-room audio/video system.

High quality speakers can be installed anywhere you choose, then can be painted or even wallpapered so they literally disappear. Control of your system can be accomplished using in-wall volume controls or keypads, so that all functions can be controlled from any room in your home using a device the size of a standard wall plate.

Home Automation

The latest in home automation technology allows for amazing control of your whole home. From your in wall or wireless touch panels or even through an internet accessible computer/smartphone anywhere in the world. You can have full control of your audio/video systems, lights, environmental controls, blinds & shutters, alarm & security system and even control your pool/ hot tub.

Home Automation

These super smart touch panels even allow for intercom communications between units, and even to an entry communicator with built in camera.

TV Mounting

In recent years the minimalist look has been rapidly growing in popularity, and a great way to get started is to lose those bulky armoires and entertainment consoles and mount your TV to the wall!

We start with a few simple questions, to help determine the kind of mount needed. Anything from an articulating arm recessed into the wall, to a super thin custom mount (only 0.4" from the wall).

Once the TV is mounted to the wall, we then decide where you want to place your components. We can mount them directly below the TV on a sleek shelving system or they can be hidden/relocated anywhere within your home, and have everything controlled through an easy to use radio frequency universal remote.


Audio Video Design Integrations

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